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Make money doing what you love!
start your own label, release your own music Yes, you can! Even in this digital age, the basics of launching, operating and succeeding at your independent music label are always the same! Get the guide that shows you how...step by step!
• Releasing your own music
• Making it in the music industry
• Launching your own hip hop empire
• Proving to everyone you've got what it takes but are...
• Worried you don't have the skill, experience or correct information?
• Afraid you may never succeed?

This may be what you've been looking for

Are you curious or intrigued about what it takes to succeed in the music industry?
Does the success of entrepreneurs like Jay-Z, P-Diddy, Russell Simmons, 50 Cent, and others make you burn with excitement and the certainty that YOU can and WILL achieve the same or better?
Have you ever thought that simply given the chance, or better still, the right information, that you could take yourself, your friends or help other talented artists you know to the top of the charts too? ?
Well, imagine launching your own record label, releasing your own music, getting it heard on the radio, played in the clubs, jamming in people's tapedecks and car stereos worldwide! Does sound like a fun, profitable and worthwhile thing you want to make happen...NOW!?
I know just how you feel. These are just a few of the reasons that I started my own label a few years ago! Today, my company, the Hip Hop Entrepreneur company helps others do the same! We've been doing it since 1992!
Change the Game is Hip Hop's First "how to." First published in '92 and revised every year since. It's been praised in the Source, Billboard, etc., used by thousands.... and REALLY works!
In fact, here's what Hip Hop Pioneer Chuck D said about OUR book in HIS book*:
"Walt F.J. Goodridge, in his books Change The Game, and This Game of Artist Management names all the areas that need to be covered in the music business. He not only names all 25 areas, but he also tells you what keeps you in business if you're in one of those areas. If you don't build anything, then you have nothing. If you don't build anything, you always have to be a part of somebody else's s-t. To be a part of white people's structures is whack especially when it comes to Rap, because they're not fully down with it!" -Chuck D. Public Enemy, [*excerpt from Fight The Power ]

What is Change the Game all about?

Change The Game (originally entitled Rap;This Game of Exposure) was created by the former president and VP of promotions of an independent label to HELP you SUCCEED! It's written in a clear and simple way with advice, tips and techniques to show you step by step what you need to do to get release your own music, and get the most from your marketing and promotion efforts.
Still the only book of its kind anywhere, Change The Game is a unique step-by-step guide. The first half of this book gives all the business information, forms and procedures you'll need to set up your company. The second half (when you order the Lists of Exposure) provides exclusive music industry promotion contacts--names, addresses and telephone numbers of the radio stations, video shows, stores, magazines, distributors, and internet sites which promote Rap music. This is the manual that Chuck D. of Public Enemy, The Source Magazine, Rappages and the Rap Coalition have endorsed and given their support!
The business start-up information alone will SAVE you HUNDREDS of dollars. The promotion lists (order separately) along with the Promotion & Marketing Chapter mean you don't have to pay a pomotion company thousands of dollars to promote your record. Even if you don't have the same money the major labels do, you NOW have the same information! The rest will be up to your desire, commitment and talent!
Change The Game is the Millennium edition of a book formerly known as Rap! This Game of Exposure...with one exception:
It's completely DIFFERENT!! I call it "NEW" because a lot has changed since the original edition was published in 1992! There are new formats, new ways of distributing music, and perhaps the biggest change of all, the Internet. In other words, n ow with over 200 new pages added, Change The Game can help you succeed in the NEW MUSIC INDUSTRY, using new tools, new techniques and new information!
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What's New in the Millennium Edition:

This updated Millennium Edition of Change The Game will attempt to make sense of and help you keep pace with these changes, providing:
• Answers to 10 years' worth of Frequently Asked Questions
• A beginner's introduction to the Internet
• How to launch your label online for the least expense!
• Updated chapters with even more details and step-by-step guidance
• Expanded contact information including website URLs and email addresses
• An updated chapter on choosing the right business structure (with LLC)
• A sample producer contract
• Success Stories of other Hip Hop Entrepreneurs
• An updated Comprehensive Label Release Marketing Game Plan and Task Checklist
• A Record Label Trouble Shooting Guide (Not making money? Here's what could be wrong!)
In Change The Game, I'm going to help you start your own record label and release your own music. I'll take you through the entire process giving you tips and suggestions for doing things efficiently and at the lowest possible cost. And, even though the landscape will continue to change, this new edition will hopefully be useful in guiding another generation of Hip Hop Entrepreneurs for the next 10 years! I believe this is the ULTIMATE book on starting and running a Hip Hop Label....But, you may ask, Can this book REALLY help ME?? You Decide


In creating this book, I asked several hundred Hip Hop Entrepreneurs a very important question. For this to be the ULTIMATE Record Label Start-up and Operations Manual, what information should this book include? What should it teach you? Here are the answers they came up with.
The Ultimate Record Label guide...
would first help me get a realistic picture of what I'm about to embark on
• It would answer ALL of my questions about the industry, or help me find the answers.
• It would explain music industry concepts from the independent label's perspective
• It would show me how to start a label in ANY state in the US, Canada and other countries
• It would help me decide on what structure to choose for my company
• It would provide the paperwork necessary to do so
• It would provide a sample contract for me to use to sign my artist
• It would show me how to get my record in the stores
• It would show me how get radio play
• It would give me options for selling my product with or without a distributor
• It would explain the day to day operations (how much time to spend doing what
• It should provide real-live contacts I can call to put things into practice
• It would provide information I can go back to and reference as I progress
• It would help me play the game on a professional level
• It would help me create a viable business entity with long term potential
• It would help me sign my label to a major or a larger independent
• It would help me turn my passion for Hip Hop and Rap music into profit! To answer all these questions and more, Change The Game is divided into chapters that focus on each aspect of the Record Label Game Plan. This is another of my favorite additions to this Millennium Edition. Throughout the book are reminders of "The Game." Quite simply, to successfully start, run and succeed at the game of being an independent record label, this is the game plan. As you'll notice from the table of contents, the pre-game stuff actually takes up the first 7 chapters! We don't actually get to playing the game until chapter 8!
You Get
An updated Comprehensive Label Release Marketing Game Plan and Task Checklist
With our trademarked Record Label Game Plan, you'll learn how to Monitor your OPERATIONS Find, sign and develop talented ARTISTS Create your PRODUCT on CD or other media MARKET, Promote & Advertise it! SELL IT to stores, distributors and to the public Maximize additional streams of INCOME RECOUP your expenses PAY the players Make a PROFIT GROW your business
Sample producer and record label contracts
Plus Answers to These Questions:
• How do I start a label in ANY state in the US, Canada and other countries?
• Should I be a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation or LLC?
• What paperwork do I need?
• Can you show me a sample contract for me to use to sign my artist?
• How do I get my record in the stores?
• How do I get my music on the radio?
• How can I sell my product with or without a distributor?
• What should I be doing in the day to day operation of my label?
• Can you give me contact info for real people I can call to help me?
• What if my label isn't making money?
• Can I REALLY compete with the bigger players?
• How can I sign my label to a deal with a major or a larger independent?
• Can I really make money doing this?

The Chapters:

• Starting your label (forms & more)
• Registering your business
• Trade Organization membership
• Accounting/Business Taxes
• Manufacturing a record/cass/cd
• Package design and development
• Pressing and duplication
• Making a video
• Staying out of debt
• When to release your music
• Getting distribution
• Collecting Your Money!
• Contracts w/samples
• Copyrights and protection
• Advances
• Sample/Clearance
• More!
• Record release timetable
• Associations to join
• Books & Publications to get
• More!
• Promotion defined
• Promotion Who,What & When
• Creating an effective Press Kit
• Promotion Tips, Techniques
• On your own or w/major
• Understanding the process
• Getting Distributors interested
• More!


Not everyone can get signed by the major labels. But now YOU can get your music out and heard even if you're a one-person operation on a limited budget. If you're already in business as a label, manager, producer or promoter, you can use this unique manual to get even more exposure for your artist or music!

Here's what people have been saying over the years:

Source logo "As the Hip Hop world gets more crowded, it's more difficult for you to make your project stand out. "This Game..." is an invaluable guide to the inner workings of the Rap industry. To succeed, you must know the rules of the game, and this book tells it all like it is!" -- Jon Shecter, former Editor-in-Chief, SOURCE MAGAZINE
"A must-have for anyone who wants to know the business of Rap Music!" --Sheena Lester, Editor, RAPPAGES MAGAZINE
"Carry this around with you and treat it like your Bible!" -- Chuck D, PUBLIC ENEMY
" I would be happy to include a link to your site...i'll even include it in my banner section... When i first began my independent label it was after reading the inaugural version of your book...remember, the spiral bound copies? i've still got it... (The Ultimate Hip Hop Directory)
"Change The Game is the most comprehensive Hip Hop publication to date. It defines every aspect necessary in the business!" -- Meshaq Blaq, Editor, NO SELLOUT MAGAZINE

"...packs a lot of information...everything...!" -- Havelock Nelson, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE
"Change The Game is the definite source for those aspiring to get into the music industry.. and not get jerked!" -- Gabriel Tolliver, Associate Producer, YO! MTV RAPS
"Walt Goodridge's step-by-step guides are fundamental for all Rap entrepreneurs. ....clearly illustrates the basics for starting your own record label. .... comprehensive reading, and an ideal roadmap for success in the music industry!" --Kathy Danniels, UPSCALE MAGAZINE
"To the point, easy to read. If you're putting a business together in the music industry, you must have this book!" -- Wildman Steve, WBAU-FM, NY
"On Point! It's truly one stop shopping for info on the Rap Industry!" -- Wendy Day, RAP COALITION
"....shows great caring and depth and forsight.....a great instrument for anyone, young or old interested in the music industry!" -- Rev. Mariah Britton, Riverside Church, RAP WRITERS & PERFORMANCE WORKSHOP
"...this is really giving a lot of love for Hip Hop!" -- N. Robinson, CUSTOMER (WA)

Skeptical? Too Good to Be True?

From: Walt F.J. Goodridge
After reading all of this, you might be thinking, "this sounds like hype," "I feel skeptical" or "this is too good to be true"
I know exactly how you feel. In this day of hard-sell advertising, it's hard to determine what's hype and what's real. That's why we included testimonials from others who've used the book, as well as the endorsements of CHUCK D, RAP COALITION, SOURCE, BILLBOARD an other reputable people and sources. Keep in mind that legally, we couldn't use these people's names without their permission. And if we were not the real thing, they wouldn't want to be associated with us.
I can't guarantee that you'll be successful using our product , but I can definitely tell you that many others have used our manuals successfully.
Click Here to read a great hiphopbiz success story of what can happen when you are in the right network of people with the right knowledge and information.
But whether you give it a try or not, as author of these books, I hope you're finding success in the pursuit of your dreams! Thanks for visiting the site!
Walt Goodridge

Don't order yet. Check out my Guarantee

"As president of the Passion Profit Company, I strive to create and offer products that do what they say they will. I believe that the information and processes outlined within Change the Game can help you develop a new paradigm of success and possibilities, and if followed, can help you literally create a hiphop-centered business that generates money for you. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with this or anything you order from this or any site in my network, simply return it for A FULL REFUND."--Walt Goodridge, President, The Passion Profit Company

Return Policy

Returns Policy: Within 30 days of receipt of your order, you may return to us the following: any book in its original condition; any media (CD, cassette tape, VHS tape, or software); and any other merchandise that's in new good condition along with accessories. Our address to send check and money order payments is: The Passion Profit Company
P.O. Box 618
Church Street Station
New York, NY 10008 (646) 481-4238


generic avatar "Your book is great! It helped me sell my first 5,000 units!--Fred Harmon, WA"
generic avatar "I'm already deep into Change The Game and this stuff is absolutely incredible! It's such a relief to see all these industry terms finally making some logical sense. Im only 18, I know I've got plenty of time to make this happen for myself but, Damn! Your book makes me feel like conquering the world is going to be easy.....I've got big plans man, I appreciate you helping me out!"--John D.
generic avatar "I'm really glad you accepted my request, I signed my first two artists this month, all off the strength of the knowledge I got from your book. You're so inspirational" L. Scott [Facebook friend request;)
generic avatar Mr. Goodridge First off thank you, I received your book about 2 weeks ago. Very busy here in the desert but I'm still able to get some good read time in. Your book is one tho that I find myself having to take notes on more frequently. Which is a very good thing since the last book I read was 4 years ago. It holds my interest and answers the questions I want to know.
generic avatar Thanks for your concern and quick reply to [my] email.... I can't wait to return to the states and apply the knowledge that this book is giving me. Peace Senior Airman Randy Hall-Stevenson
380th Medical group
Al Dhafra Air Base
generic avatar Thankyou very much.
Fantastic Products you have, some of the best I have read. Peace! J. Joyce, FL
generic avatar Hello Walt, I am a 22 year old soldier in the U S Army. I recenty purchased your book, Change The Game because I am looking for a career change. I want to do what is in my heart, which is start a record label.

I have three artists already depending on me to make this happen, who are very talented. I also am an artist. I plan to leave the military in the spring of 2007. Right now I have just been collecting information and saving money.

Also, I would like to say ," Thank you Walt!" Your book has given me so much hope and inspiration in really following my dreams. You are amazing. --Stephanie H.
generic avatar God blessed you with a talent that is truly awesome!!! You are undoubtly a master at inspiring people, as well as being an intergral source at helping individuals ignite their niche.-- Valerie Odom
Philadelphia, PA

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Attention Hip Hop Entrepreneurs! Start your own record label! Release your own music! Create your own empire! This groundbreaking guide--my first book--really did change the game when it was first published as Rap: This Game of Exposure, and with each yearly update, continues to inspire, inform and instruct each new generation of Hip Hop Entrepreneur! This is the book Hip Hop pioneer, Chuck D, raved about in his book, Fight the Power! (294 pages; 8.5 x 11; ISBN: 978-1517523992) Read more at
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