A Hip Hop Network Success Story!

Subj: Re: Walt's Friday Inspiration #188 *
Date: 10:33:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: CARLMELLO@****com
To: walt@waltgoodridge.com
Walt, Please read all of this. I just wanted to give you a shout out. Brother, thank you first and foremost for caring about people. Your energy has sparked a few things to happen in my life.
I first heard of you in September because I was looking at amazon.com or yahoo.com at some book review comments and you had listed your website in your comment. I'm not sure what the book was but I'm glad I went surfing the net that day for several reasons.
When I went to your website, I signed up for your email group, "hip hop biz". Shortly, after that a young lady named Christina Davis with Third Rail Entertainment sent out an email to the email group in an attempt to gather information on music management.
I responded to her request and we continued to email each other. I am part of a Hip Hop group called Prophetix (http://prophetix.iuma.com) and we were looking for management at that time. She was new to the entertainment industry and several years younger than me but that's what kind of person I was looking for as a manager.
After about a week of emailing, she got up enough nerve to call me on the phone and it completely blew both of our minds when she did. We matched the voices with the emails! I learned that she and her mother had started a management firm based out of Charlotte, NC. They were just getting started so they didn't know much but they had a killer instinct.
I kept putting the offer out for them to manage us because at that point my partner and I were doing everthing from booking shows, negotiating deals, running our record label, etc. We sent them a business plan and a press kit to show them what we had done so far as artist and as businessmen. They loved it!
We arranged to meet them in Columbia, SC which is a middle point from Atlanta, GA to Charlotte, NC. This was in November. We had lunch with them and we talked as if we had known each other for years. They sent us a trial management agreement, we signed it and the rest is history.
Since that time they have been outstanding. They have made plenty of calls and booked us several shows...paying shows! And we get to sell our CD's and 12 inches at the shows so that's more money.
We just did a show this past Wednesday at Harper-Archer High School in Atlanta, GA for the Senior class that they arranged. Remember, they are based in Charlotte! I always tell people how we met over the Internet. It's very inspirational and sometimes unbelievable.
Walt, the show at the high school was one I'll never forget. It touched my heart to perform for our kids and to answer their questions about the music industry. I pray that GOD continues to bless you my friend. You have been instrumental in making my dreams become reality. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial. Keep up the great work my friend. Sincerely,
Carlton L. Lewis, COO
Asylum Entertainment, Inc.
aka Mello from Prophetix
P.S. Inspiration #188 (Make The World Go Wow) is off the hook. I put it up in my cubicle at work and I will put it in my home office. I am going into real estate investing full time as of April 6th, and this Friday's Inspiration will help keep me focused.

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